Move in Silence

Everybody does not need to know your “moves”. Learn how to keep some things to yourself.

We all have our own annointing, our own assigned task, our own blessings. You have been called to plant THAT seed, you have been called to reach THAT group, you have been called to teach THAT specific thing, you have been called to open THAT business… And it will get done. However, there are also assignments to come against what you are doing. Those assignments can be given to people, situations, and/or events. I call them “blockers”! This is why you need to move in silence!

Not everyone that smiles in your face, pat you on your back, or sit in your meetings got your best interest in mind. Be careful for nothing because people are not looking out for you, they always looking out for themselves. They sift you of your energy, then make you feel bad about being tired. They steal your joy with negativity, then tell you not to sound depressed. They drown you with unnecessary information, then tell you not to be so forward. They rob your ideas and try to sabotage you. Move in silence!!

Be on the look out for blockers… trust the process.

Look up to God for assistance… he will lead you and be your guide.

Open your mind… use wisdom and knowledge.

Count your blessings daily… it always outnumber your problems.

Keep moving forward… in spite of hardships and pain.

Each day is a new day… start fresh and work hard.

Remember small beginnings… step by step. It will get large.

Stop telling everyone! Make your Move.

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