W.I.N. No Matter What.

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Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win!

We have all heard or read that quote, but do we believe that quote? Most people like to speak that when times are going good for them and it seems like they ARE going to win! Or if they feel good and things are going their way.

The real test comes when you recite that quote once you are right at the verge of quitting or giving up in life or in a specific situation. This is when that quote become ‘oh so real’ to you! Can you say, “Winners never quit” when you are not winning, actually when everything that could come against you has come against you? This is when you do not feel like a winner. You lost the first, second, and third round; you failed the test; you did not get the promotion you had been working hard to get; or you did not get the loan. Can you say, “Quitters never win” when you just quit your job; you just gave the position to someone else; you just stopped testing before the time was called; you walked out and did not get the final results.

That moment you feel defeated is that moment to bow your head and pray for direction! This the real WINNING attitude!

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“Winning” is what everybody wants to do. You hear in the air, “#IWin” or “#Winning” which now even those that are not in winning mode are reciting the hashtags and it sounds great. Many people are boasting and wearing bands which shows empowerment of being a “winner” without the power to W.I.N.

Power to W.I.N.

What does it take to have the power to win? Why simply reciting the hashtags, is not winning? In order to WIN, you must have the power to W.I.N. which means having the desire. Faith without works is dead and anything dead, cannot WIN therefore, you must work your way to winning ground. You have to work at anything to be successful and win. Take it from a football player, he must work hard at weekly practice by sprinting, doing drills to improve speed and accuracy, as well as, practicing to throw and catch the football. If he does not put in the work, there is no way that he will help the team win.

Put in the WORK for whatever your task requires in order to win. Work can require practice, performance or production, but it has to be done. Without much practice, there is no way to become better. Players practice, singers practice, businessmen practice, teachers practice, preachers practice, students practice… that basically covers everyone! This works hand in hand: “the way you practice is the way you perform.” The performance justifies the practice. Period. Point. Blank. And the production is inadvertently the outcome of the practice and performance. This is why work requires all three. In any instance, you must apply work status, so don’t ever think or say, #Winning, unless you have put in the work!

INVEST in your winning efforts! When you invest into something, you put in your finances and your time, as well. Investing is about “working smarter and not harder.” Most people think that investing ONLY involves money, but it does not mean just money. The most important investment you can put in for you to win is your time. Give every waking moment to doing your best. This means when your up, find everything you can do to be successful. Research for the Win, study for the Win, get involved for the Win, apprehend the Win, and conquer the Win! If you plan for the win, then you will write it down, make it plain, and orchestrate it. You should attend workshops and trainings to better yourself, not just the free ones either. You will take courses for improvement or for enhancing individual skills, business and social. That is true investment!

Network to win! This sounds like work, and it is similar. Successful people connect with other successful people. If you hang out in the barnyard long enough you will smell like the horses. Do not let your company be underneath what you want to become. My mom used to tell me, “the company you keep determines who you are.” That, alone, made me be careful of my network, even before I understood network. I did not have a large circle of friends back then, and it is smaller now! When you were younger, your friends thought like you and liked the same things you did… same difference. Join networking groups related to your area. Talk with these individuals to grow, develop, and learn. Try to spend more time with people that is WINNING than with people that is not after the WIN. Life is difficult enough, negativity should not be a part of the process. You will encounter negativity, but you don’t have to stay there… seek out those positive people and things! Make sure your network is on point!!

This is how to W.I.N. [Work*Invest*Network]

Assess Your Connection

Have you ever sat and watched, then wondered how some people can behave in certain manners? When you are taught or trained to be a type of person that can function in society, some behaviors are shocking.

There are many types of people in this world, those who Have and those who Have Not! I am not talking about finances either, so change your mindset.

The Have Nots

These people talk a lot…. always have an opinion or ideal. These people does not have much respect and/or loyalty. Respect is a trait that should be second nature, but not in the lives of the Have Nots. These people will say anything that comes to their minds, with no regard of who they hurt or upset. As a matter of fact, these people conjur up a plan on how they will say that thing to certain people. They will laugh and contemplate what the response will be and what the reactions will show. These people Have Not been made to show respect for elders, young people, nor themselves. Coming up in a large family home, as children, respect was not an option for us! When adults talked, we listened. When elders gave opinions, we listened. When people asked us questions, we listened. I can remember that we had to look at the person talking to show we were listening. Did we take everything, every advice, every spoken knowledge?… probably not! But, we listened. We never argued our point, we discussed; we never laughed at our elders (until behind their backs), we shook our heads and smiled. Respect. In that form. Loyalty is learned and groomed and dispelled. Being loyal… is a part of who you are as a child of the most high God! You learn how to be loyal from the master teacher, who is loyal just because he loves us! The Have Nots doesn’t know loyalty, because they Have Not enough love for others. Loyalty should come from the heart and not a contract (just because I have to be). These people are usually heartless and won’t admit it. Heartless people are hurtful people; people with no respect and no loyalty.

Don’t beware of the Have Nots, instead be careful of them and pray for them.

The Haves

These people are usually the ones that are talked about the most, and hurt the most. These people try to please everyone and stay true to everyone, but usually are “overlooked” by everyone. The ones that are just expected to show up, just expected to fix situations, just expected to help. These people spend hours listening to others, but when needed to be heard, -no one is there to listen. These people hear the request of others and respect them enough to carry out the task, answer the question, or send the request. These people show respect in many ways; and show loyalty in other ways. The loyal Haves were born into the family of God. Usually grew up in the church, raised into a loving home, and taught the meaning of respect and loyalty by examples. These people are who you want to be around. These people have heart! These people are needed in life.

Don’t stay away from the Haves, instead gravitate towards them and encourage them.

Which group are you most comfortably connected to?

Are you The Haves or The Have Nots?

Assess. Accept. Redirect.

Who’s Protecting You?

Feathers more. . .

“When angels are near, feathers appear!”

Wings represent angels ability to swiftly carry out divine will ~ They don’t need wings to fly, but that is the representation. One way angels leave signs/signals that they are near, is by way of feathers.

The spiritual symbolic meaning of feathers refer to spiritual communication and ascension to the higher realms. In other words, it can be a simple reminder that your angel is near and has a message for you.

“Actual feather that appeared during a crisis in my life. I prayed for an answer and a sign (a feather appeared) sitting outside. My answer was to find my peace again. I knew my Angel was with me!”

Feathers that appear out of nowhere sometimes has meanings as…

(It could be the color of the feather or a color in the feather)

Pink … unconditional love of you. Angels reminder of infinite inspiration available when turned into love

Red … life force energy, physical, vitality, stability, strength, passion, and courage

Orange … carry messages of creativity; listening to your inner voice, staying positive to attract success

Yellow … cheerful and light-hearted; to be present, alert, and to stay focused on what you desire to magnetize, blessings, into your life

Green … signifies abundance and money; a fertile opportunity, vibrant wellbeing health, love

Blue … calming, peaceful energy; connected to communication, awareness, and are often a reminder to listen

Gray … a call to return to peace within to create it without; a sign that the answer to your question is not yes or no

Brown … signifies grounding, home life and stability; an energy of respect grounded positivity; and balance between physical and spiritual

Black … a reminder of the protection of your angels; a signal that spiritual wisdom and magic are accessible by you-within

Purple … carries a message of deep spirituality, transformation of negativity, as well as, the opening of phychic or spiritual sight

Who is protecting you? Your angel is watching and sending messages through feathers and more…

Next time, a feather appears, just out of nowhere, MAYBE it is really from somewhere…. or someone!

A Thankful Heart

There are times in life that one might look around and ask, “Why is so much happening to me?” One might say, “I turn to the left turmoil or I turn to the right bad situations” and that may cause despair. However, if you profess to be strong in faith, then one must take a second look.

That Second Look

When we take a second look, we must look with our spiritual eyes. As a person who wears glasses, there was once a time in my life that I did not need the eye glasses on a daily basis. I would only use them to read at night. Then, my sight became weak and I can’t see anything clearly with my eye glasses off. I have to put my glasses on if I want my vision to be precise, so that I can see where I am going, what I am reading, or just to enjoy the simple things in life, sight. With my eye glasses on, everything looks different. Everything is definite and detailed. This is how we should use our spiritual vision! We need to step back and take a second look with our spiritual eyes!

Once we take that second look with our spiritual eyes, we are able to see and understand that through everything, God is holding us up! You would see that your legs may hurt, but you got legs and you CAN walk; you can see that your car may not be brand new, but you have transportation. And it is then that we should be thankful. The most important skill that we can develop as people of God is the Art of Thanksgiving. I Thessolaians 5:18 reads “to let us give thanks in everything. ”

We have to understand that the power of a thankful heart can break the power of the enemy. We win when we give thanks inspite of the difficult circumstances we face and endure. (#wewin) Therefore, when troubles come, just lift your hands and say, “God I trust you– so I thank you!”

It is at this point that you begin thanking him for things ‘surrounding’ the hard situations. Your car is broken, thank him for a mechanic, you have a test, thank him for clear notes. Thank him for things related to what you need. Such as, “God I thank you that although my car is broken, it is just the starter, it could be worst; I thank you for the mechanic and his family; I thank you that favor surrounds us; I thank you for my friend who will give me a ride…” You got to give him thanks! Don’t Ponder on the Problem, instead, Profess the Promises and thank God for the Process and the Victory!

The Key

Thankfulness is the Key that will turn the situation around. Please understand that being thankful does not change the situation, but being thankful changes US! It changes how we SEE the situation and it changes our attitude towards the situation. Thankfulness helps us to accept God’s will and to submit to it. I Timothy 6:6 reads, “to be content is great gain.” Contentment is accepting His will.

Therefore, we must wake up and walk throughout our day with a heart of thanksgiving and praise daily… and be joyful always! Don’t get it twisted, joyful does not mean you have to be giggly or laughing all the time; instead, it means a joyful heart (being glad and thankful). And… pray continually. These are the things that can break the power of the enemy in our lives and change our outlook and attitude.

From this day on, put on an attitude of gratitude… knowing that it is needed to live an empowered and purposeful life. Let us be thankful unto God in all things: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Knowing that #We Win.

Adjust Your Crown

A crown is used to represent royalty. It is a sign of leadership, a sign of high esteem, a sign of dignity and a sign of respect. We are all royalty, born into a royal family (Christ Family). Our crowns are our headpiece… some with no jewels and some with plenty of jewels.

All too often situations happen in our lives that our crowns are maneuvered in one way or another.

Tilted by Others Actions

There are some people that want you to “win” as well as, themselves! There are some people that has your best interest in mind and is leaning in your favor, because as we know we are royalty, others know also. Then, there are those individual that sees your royalty and do not want you to “win” so, the manipulations begins.

It only takes one person to tilt your crown… and get you out of character. That person will push your buttons and push your buttons until you are sick and tired; and then, retaliate (your crown is tilted). Then, there is That person which will use you and abuse you because of your kindness or greatness. After using you, That person will stab you in the back and use your very own kindness or greatness against you (your crown is tilted). There is That person which keeps you close, follow you, call you repeatedly, and drain your energy. Without energy, you are not effective and productive enough to function (your crown is tilted). Finally, there is That person who says he/she loves you, yet, does not bring out the best in you-in fact, brings out the worse (your crown is tilted).

Titled by Your Actions

Sometimes, we do not understand that we are royalty, and tilt our own crowns. We are our worst enemies! We are judgemental against our own lives. We never forgive ourselves and never give ourselves another chance. We fail to realize that God IS a God of second chances, and third, and fourth, etc…

Once we fail at something, we set it aside and do not want to try that again (crown tilted). Once someone talks about us and/or drags our name in the dirt, we hide under a rock– don’t want to work anymore, don’t want to sing anymore, don’t want to speak anymore, don’t want to love anymore, don’t even want to connect anymore (crown tilted). Once we lose something- a job, a spouse, a child, a house, a car… we feel we are a loser. That is when we begin to lose all hope and live in despair or depression (crown tilted).


Others may tilt your crown or you may tilt your own crown, I am here to encourage you to Adjust Your Crown! When you think about your successes and your failures, the good outweighs the bad. You may have failed, but, “if at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again!” That may not be a “no” it may just be a “delay.” Don’t you ever give up or give in! You may have had a little pain and hurt but the tears you shed, God has wiped them all. It only last for a season, joy comes in the morning! That is your new season-morning. You may have been talked about, but Jesus was once the gossip topic! They can talk now, ohh but when God get through with you- you will shine in front of your enemies. You may have loss now, but you will get double for your trouble! You have to believe in whom you trust and that trust should be in God. You are a jewel in a royal family!!

Lift up your head and put a smile on your face! You are a King’s Kid, a Royal Priesthood!! Adjust Your Crown!! And move forward!

Move in Silence

Everybody does not need to know your “moves”. Learn how to keep some things to yourself.

We all have our own annointing, our own assigned task, our own blessings. You have been called to plant THAT seed, you have been called to reach THAT group, you have been called to teach THAT specific thing, you have been called to open THAT business… And it will get done. However, there are also assignments to come against what you are doing. Those assignments can be given to people, situations, and/or events. I call them “blockers”! This is why you need to move in silence!

Not everyone that smiles in your face, pat you on your back, or sit in your meetings got your best interest in mind. Be careful for nothing because people are not looking out for you, they always looking out for themselves. They sift you of your energy, then make you feel bad about being tired. They steal your joy with negativity, then tell you not to sound depressed. They drown you with unnecessary information, then tell you not to be so forward. They rob your ideas and try to sabotage you. Move in silence!!

Be on the look out for blockers… trust the process.

Look up to God for assistance… he will lead you and be your guide.

Open your mind… use wisdom and knowledge.

Count your blessings daily… it always outnumber your problems.

Keep moving forward… in spite of hardships and pain.

Each day is a new day… start fresh and work hard.

Remember small beginnings… step by step. It will get large.

Stop telling everyone! Make your Move.

It’s A New Day and New Mercies

Declare a Thing!

Change is here and we must embrace it fully.  There have many things that come and go into the lives of the people of God.  Those things can be awesome, some things are horrible, others are hurtful.  It is during these times that a new day is hoped for and new mercies are needed.  Sometimes things get so bad, you don’t know how you are going to make it; you don’t know if your going to make it; you don’t know if you want to continue to see if your going to make it!  And that’s when new mercies “kick” in.  That one thing that you need to hear!  Psalms 119:114, “You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word.” Then, out of no where, your thoughts are ” I am taking Life Back!! I will take back my joy, I will take back my peace!  New Day! New Mercies! New Me!